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"The Greatest service that can be rendered by any country is to add a useful plant to its culture" ~ Thomas Jefferson

"We shall make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere" ~ George Washington

The social effects of marijuana are misunderstood. Cannabis is illegal because of propaganda, and monetary gain. 

In the 1930's Big wig journalists, corporations, and government officials saw it in Their best interest to make marijuana illegal. So they did. They convinced society that marijuana is bad, and that it was a threat to their children and family.

Since then the Oil and Timber industries have taken over the uses of Hemp and Marijuana. Our Rainforest is Depleting an acre every second, and families are destroyed when loved ones get arrested for simple possesion of marijuana.

Truth is Cannabis is the most versitile, friendly and biodegradable resource in the world! Click Here To Learn More Social Effects Of Marijuana or continue to one of our other categories listed below.

how to smoke weedLearn How To Smoke Weed

Don't know how to smoke weed? We'll show you! Learn how to pack a bowl, how to hit a bong, how to roll a joint, how to roll a blunt, how to use a vaporizer, and more here.

how to cook marijuanaLearn How To Cook Marijuana

Have you been interested how in learning how to cook marijuana.

Cooking marijuana is easy. All you need to do is learn how to make cannabutter.

With cannabutter you can practically turn any meal, brownie, or cake your heart can desire.

The Social Effects Of Marijuana

social effects of marijuanaLearn the true effects of marijuana here. We'll talk about the social effects of marijuana, facts about marijuana, and why marijuana and hemp should be legal. Learn interesting information about marijuana and hemp here.

marijuana communityStoner Artwork & Image Gallery

Do you have any stoner art or pot plant pictures you want the world to see?

Take a moment to view, review, and submit you art and pictures for your peers to see.

Collection of Stoner Artwork, Pot Plant Pictures, Nug Pictures, and weed drawings contributed by the community.

how to smoke weedStoner Products & Product Reviews

Browse & Review marijuana products, and paraphernalia.

Bongs, Pipes, Jars, Vaporizers, Stash Cases, Posters, and other usefull stoner products.

Proceeds are donated to medical marijuana activism, and the survival of this website.

cannabis cultureHear and Be Heard... Learn & Contribute Here!

Do you know something about marijuana that has not been said on our site?

If you do, please Go a step beyond and contribute your thoughts! Here is your chance to make a statement about marijuana. 

Learn From & Contribute To our marijuana content library. Offer the world your 2 cents about marijuana.

Site Sponsorships

We accept sponsorship requests from high-quality establishments within each product category. "Site Sponsors" are often times supporters from the Medical Marijuana industry. Together they form an A-list of Products & Services Neccecary to support The Cause.

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Table Of Contents

Vaporizers, and vaporizer accessories
Vaporizers and Vaporizer Accessories: Supplied by
How to make a pipe. How to make a marijuana pipe; fruit pipe, can pipe.
How to make a pipe. Learn to make a weed pipe; apple pipe, or a can pipe. Learn to make a pipe in those desperate situations.
Find pot posters at unbeatable prices. Posters of marijuana and trippy posters
Pot posters, weed posters, and cool trippy posters here. Find pot posters, blacklight posters, and other trippy posters by following the picture links below.
Great stoner artwork, weed drawings, marijuana cartoons, and pot plant pics.
Cool stoner artwork inluding trippy art, marijuana cartoons and pot plant pics. Stoner art is not limited to weed drawings you did stoned.
Learn how to make cannabutter. Making marijuana butteris simple.
How to make cannabutter that works! Making marijuana butter is easy. Knowing how to make cannabutter is the core of most marijuana food recipes.
Learn how to roll a blunt. Rolling a blunt is easy learn how click here.
How to roll a blunt. Rolling a blunt made easy with these blunt rolling tips. Learning how to roll a blunt takes time, multiple tries, and most of all patience.
How to roll a joint. These joint rolling tips teach how to roll a joint.
How to roll a joint. Make rolling a joint easy with step by step joint rolling tips. Learn how to roll a joint because rolling a joint is the original way to smoke marijuana.
Homemade bong made easy. Learn to make a gravity bong and more here.
Make a homemade bong in minutes. Making a bong is easy, you can build a gravity bong. You can make a homemade bong out of a variety of materials.
A weed etiquette guide. Learn marijuana etiquette here.
Learn weed etiquette skills, and expand your stoner etiquette knowledge. Poor weed etiquette can possibly end you up in an unpleasant situation.
How to hide marijuana in the car. Keep out of troubleand hide your weed stash!
How to hide marijuana in your car. Learn how to hide marijuana in your car for your own safety.
Medical marijuana cons, and medical marijuana pros. Explore effects here!
The medical marijuana cons and pros. The medical effects of marijuana legalization. The medical marijuana cons and pros should be addressed in order to help regulate and reform our current medical marijuana laws.
Compare vaporizers. Vaporizer comparisons, and vaporizerreviews.
Compare vaporizer here. You might be feeling the need to compare vaporizers on the market.
How to cook marijuana. Make your own marijuana cooking recipes, learn here.
Learn how to cook marijuana. Make your own marijuana brownies space cake recipe. Learning how to cook marijuana is fun and easy.
Hide marijuana stash in a good spot at all times. Learnhow to hide weed stash!
Hide marijuana stash with a secret stash spot. Learn how to hide marijuana stash in a superb hiding place at all times.
How to hide weed smoke. You can hide weed smell andeliminate smoke.
Learn to hide weed smoke in 1. 2. 3. Ways to hide pot smoke, and hide pot smell. You can hide weed smoke, and hide weed smell in two easy to make devices.
How to clean a pipe. Cleaning a glass pipe is quite simple. Clean a glass pipe.
How to clean a pipe. Cleaning glass pipes does not require glass pipe cleaner. Learn how to clean a pipe, and keep yourself clean too!
How to clean a vaporizer. Clean vaporizer parts. Clean marijuana vaporizer.
How to clean a vaporizer, weed vaporizers. If you know how to clean a vaporizer it is likely you will expand the life of your weed vaporizer.
How to hide weed at home. Keep our weed stash safe!
Learn how to hide weed in your house. How to hide marijuan with a secret hiding spot. Learn how to hide weed in your house so you never get caught.
How to hit a pipe with style, how to smoke weed with a pipe.
How to hit a pipe correctly, smoking a pipe, how to smoke marijuana. Learn how to hit a pipe safely.
Health effects of marijuana. Learn health risks of marijuana, physical effects, and more
The health effects of marijuana. Physical effects of marijuana, health risks, and possible side effects. The health effects of marijuana should be understood in a scientific and logical manner
How to make weed tea. A marijuana tea recipe in 1. 2. 3.
How to make weed tea. Learn how to make marijuana tea. Learn how to make weed tea in just a few simple steps.
420 t shirts, pot t shirts, and other cool stoner t shirts.
Need 420 t shirts? We have stoner t shirts, marijuana t shirts and pot t shirts. Below are cool 420 t shirts that are suitable for any marijuana advocate.
How to pack a bowl, packing a bowl, and how to smoke weed!
How to pack a bowl. Packing a bowl is fundamental in smoking marijuana. Knowing how to pack a bowl does not require much marijuana knowledge.
How to use a vaporizer, benefits of a vaporizer, and why they are so cool!
Learn how to use a vaporizer, what is a vaporizer, and why weed vaporizers are so unique. Learning how to use a vaporizer is as easy as lerning how to use an easy bake oven.
Cannabis withdrawal symptoms explained.
Cannabis withdrawal symptoms, are the cannabis withdrawal symptoms severe? No. but...
Chemicals in marijuana. Learn what is thc, and what is in marijuana here
The chemicals in marijuana. Theraputic benefits of marijuana. What is thc? What are the chemicals in marijuana?
Making marijuana butter is easy. How to make cannabutter in a few simple steps.
Making marijuana butter. The quickest way to make marijuana butter. Making marijuana butter is the core of most marijuana food recipes.
Marijuana and cancer. Lung cancer and marijuana information.
Marijuana and cancer information. Lung cancer and marijuana studies. Linking marijuana and cancer to each other has proven to be difficult thus far in research laboratories.
The physical effects of marijuana. Marijuana physical effects explained.
The physical effects of marijuana. The marijuana physical effects. The possible physical effects of marijuana vary upon the frequency of use, amount used, the quality of marijuana
Marijuana effect privacy policy
The Marijuana Effect Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimer and Copywrite notices.
Pot smoking pipes. The best glass pipes. All types of smoking pipes.
Pot smoking pipes. Pics of the best glass pipes. All types of smoking pipes. Pot smoking pipes, and other smoking pipes embrace the beauty of skilled craftsmanship.
Health benefits of marijuana, negative effects of marijuana, and medical marijuana uses.
Health benefits of marijuana, and medical marijuana uses. The health benefits of marijuana are now supported with scientific studies on real medical marijuana patients.
420 science products. Design your own glass weed jar.
420 science products are great for storing your weed. Get a closer look at your nug with the 420 scope!
The bukket bong gravity bong. Rips like a champion.
The bukket bong. The only water-less bucket bong. A rippin' machine!
Play Frogger for free. Free arcade games now on our website.
Frogger is a classic that never gets old. Help Frogger make it through the traffic!
Play snake on our webstie! It's a great time killer if you need things to do stoned.
Play Snake for free. It's just like your old cell phone!
Play Space Invaders. Its similar to Galaga, and almost as fun.
Space Invaders is similar to galaga. The more you kill, the faster they come!
How to hide weed smell. There are a few ways you can hide weed smell.
How to hide weed smell. An easy device used to hide pot smell is the floobie.
Alaska medical marijuana information. Learn about Alaska state marijuana laws.
Alaska medical marijuana. Medical marijuana in Alaska, and Alaska medical marijuana cards.
Stoner stories. Read, rate and create your own story.
Stoner stories. Use our page builder to create your own story.
Weed detox. How to pass a marijuana drug test.
Weed detox can take up to a month if not accelerated. Passing a marijuana drug test remedy.
The benefits of a vaporizer are astounding.
Benefits of a vaporizer. Weed vaporizers are revolutionary for everyday smokers.
Rolling a joint with a dollar bill.
Rolling a joint is easy with a dollar bill. You can roll a joint with a dollar bill.
News about marijuana. Get medical cannabis news updates. Marijuana News and more.
News about marijuana. Learn about medical cannabis news updates. Recent marijuana news.
We Grow Oakland Festival. Check Out the Event Here. Covered by CBS, CNN, ABC, and Dateline.
We Grow Oakland threw the Hemp Evolution Festival. The Event was a good turn out. There was onsite consumption...
Lifted 420 Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Review
Lifted 420 is a San Francisco Medical Marijuana Delivery Service that cares about the customer.
Joint Rolling Techniques. Learn and teach ways to roll a joint.
Joint rolling techniques & tips. Teach others how to roll a joint here. Ways to roll a joint.
Submit your own article to our website. Have a story or article to share with the community?
Join in building the community page by page. You can help shape the marijuana community of the future. Submit an article today!
How to hit a bong fat! How to use a bong, smoking a bong, what is a bong?
We show how to hit a bong correctly. Smoking a bong is easy! I didn't know how to hit a bong all of my life.
Is marijuana addictive? What is an addiction to pot? Find the answers here.
Is marijuana addictive? What is marijuana addiction? Knowledge about weed addiction.
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