The Couler Lever of Sink n Rise

The ‘Couler, Lever’ or ‘Sink n Rise’


by Gary


-Fill a container with water and make sure that the container is deeper than any 1L bottle you have at your disposition.
-Take a metallic can and cut a cone out of it. It is the ‘taf’ and you’ll be smoking thru it.
-Take a 1L bottle and cut its base.
-At the top of the bottle (or, ideally, on its cap) make a tiny hole for the smaller tip of the ‘taf'(remember: the cone) to fix in it.
-Place the bottle (uncapped) in the container filled with water. Make sure that the water level doesn’t get above the hole you made. (That’s why it would be better to make the hole in the cap)
-Fix the cap on the bottle.
-Place your weed in the ‘taf’ and burn it.
-Rise the bottle slowly, assuring yourself that the level of water in the bottle lowers and is replaced by a very thick smoke.
-Once your arrive at the end of your bottle (make sure you don’t let the smoke go away) remove the ‘taf’, block the hole and remove the cap (again, this is why it would be ideal if you make the hole in the cap).
-While not letting any smoke going away, breath in the smoke and, (very important to any wanna-be potheads) while doing so, sink the bottle in the container. It is very normal if you happen to swallow some water at the end of the experience.
-Last point, try to get all that smoke out at once…of course, you won’t be able, but it is a good occupation while waiting your friends.

HIGH INTENSITY: Very high, especially if you managed to do every steps correctly.

Tips:-Make the hole for your ‘taf’ in the cap.
-If you can’t(its quite hard)make the hole on the bottle with a joint.
-Breath in when you are sinking the bottle, otherwise, the smoke will go in your stomach and you won’t be high at all
-Make sure that the ‘taf’ is not obstructed with any kind of debris.

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