How to pack a bowl, packing a bowl, and how to smoke weed!


How To Pack a Bowl In a Pipe, and In a Bong. Packing A Bowl Is Fundamental For Smoking Marijuana.


Knowing how to pack a bowl does not require much marijuana knowledge.


Packing a bowl is easy, and is the most basic skill in knowing how to smoke weed. Once you have learned how to pack a bowl it is very likely that you will soon be feeling the marijuana effect.

how to pack a bowl


You can pack a bowl in a number of different smoking devices. To name a few; glass pipes, bongs, glass water pipes, chillums, and more…But the basic bowl packing concept is fairly the same for all pieces.


The key to packing a bowl is to maximize the airflow going through the pipe while taking a hit, and to remove all the seeds and stems. The last thing that you want is a clogged pipe at the start of your session, or some harsh smoke. The better the airflow, with the least amount of stems

= good smoke



Packing a bowl in a pipe is quick and easy. You should learn how to pack a bowl first. Remember the key in packing a bowl is to maximize the pipes airflow.


1. Grab a near by pipe and check to see if it is clogged. – Do this by blowing into the pipe from the mouth piece

while plugging the carb (hole on side) with your thumb.

2. If airflow is good see next step, if not see…



3. An average sized bowl is about 0.2 – 0.3 to pack a bowl

Take your weed and break off two pieces just slightly larger than the hole in the bowl. REMOVE STEMS/SEEDS and place the two nugletts side by side in the bowl covering the hole.


Remember you want good airflow so don’t let either of the nugglets plug the hole.

packing a bowl

NOTE: We wouldn’t recommend using a grinder when learning how to pack a bowl. If the weed is grinded too fine it will be un-delightfully sucked into your mouth either in the form of hot ash, or bittersweet weed flakes. It is a shortcut that no one should take!


4. Break your remaining nug into more smaller pieces about the same size. Remove stems/seeds then place them into the bowl one by one filling in the open gaps in the bowl.packing a bowl



5. Press down on the bowl slightly with your thumb. This gives firmness and it evens out the airflow into the pipe.



how to pack a bowl

6. Your done! You should now know how to pack a bowl. Smoke, enjoy, and feel the marijuana effect.




How To Pack A Bowl In a Bong


Packing a bowl in a bong is slightly different than a pipe for two main reasons.

(A) A bong uses a bowl with a down stem. The down stem goes to the bongs water chamber for smoke filtration.

(B) Bongs have much more airflow than pipes because they are much larger with lengthy necks which = more suction and more air to clear in the chamber.


(A)+(B) = A unique form of marijuana art, and a great smoking tool used to feel the marijuana effect.


Remove your bowl
piece from the bong so that when packing your bowl you don’t accidentally knock the bong over.


Be extra careful with your bowl piece because this may be one of the most fragile pieces of the bong. If dropped it is almost guaranteed to break.


Since bongs have more suction than pipes do it is more likely for you to suck your weed through into the water chamber. (This action is sometimes referred to as “snapping the bowl.”)


NOTE: To avoid sucking unburnt weed through, simply break off two nugs decently larger than the hole and place them next to each other covering the bowl’s hole after removing the possible seeds/stems.


It is the same concept as loading a pipe just with slightly larger nugs at the bottom. Your average size bowl for a bong is 0.2g – 0.5g


3. Break off some more nugs smaller than the ones lining the bottom, remove stems and place them strategically filling the gaps of the bowl. If your fairly new to the marijuana effect on you start smaller amounts.


4. Press on nugs gently with your thumb making it firmbut with good airflow. Now you are ready.




way how to pack a bowl in a bong:

The “Personal


Smoking a personal snapper is a very efficient way how to smoke marijuana. You can easily control the size of the hit you take by simply packing yourself more or less weed.


You don’t even have to clear all the smoke in the bong at once. The personal snapper gives one of my favorite marijuana effects, and so many others are a fan too.


1. Grab a bong you think you can conquer.


Break off a piece of nug that looks smokeable in one hit. An average size personal bowl is about 0.1g – 0.2g. DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE THE STEMS.


CAUTION:  Bongs have a lot of air displacement so the weed burns quickly. The marijuana effect of this bong toke can take you off your feet.


Break that nug into two, three, or four smaller pieces depending on size of nug you are attempting to smoke. Place those nugs strategically in the bowl piece so that it does not suck through without being burnt.


4. Learn
, and feel the marijuana effect.