How to make a pipe. How to make a marijuana pipe; fruit pipe, can pipe.



How To Make a Pipe. Learn To Make a Weed Pipe Below. Apple Pipe & Can Pipe


It is a good idea to know how to make a pipe just in case you find yourself in a desperate situation with no pipe. It is fairly easy to make a marijuana pipe out of different household objects, and materials. If you find yourself without a pipe most likely you will be forced to use the resources around you. Simply take a look around you and consider different objects ability to contribute in making a pipe.


Most commonly found in the area is some sort of fruit like an apple, or potatoe, pens, cans, bottles, paper clips, foil, screwdriver, etc… Just about anything can come in handy in a tough situation.


In this section we show how to make a pipe out of an apple (apple pipe), and how to make a marijuana pipe out of a can (can pipe).


How To Make A Pipe

(Apple Pipe)

Learn how to make a pipe, a weed pipe out of apple (aka fruit pipe) in five easy steps.

Making a fruit pipe MATERIALS


1.1 delicious apple/potato/alternative.


2.1 small screwdriver, or average size pen with its guts removed. (small screwdriver suggested)


3. A lighter, weed, and paper towels are the only other tools needed.


The bigger the holes the more weed gets sucked through which = bad news! (You want to burn the weed not suck it into your mouth).
make a marijuana pipe


Twist off apple stem and grab your chosen poker, preferably a small screwdriver, and make your first hole straight through the top of the apple just slightly past the center of the apple. Don’t poke the hole too deep. This hole resembles the bowl area of the apple pipe where you will be placing your marijuana.


how to make a pipe

The next hole will form a 90 degree angle tunnel or an ‘L’ shaped tunnel in the apple. So find a nice spot on the apple to make the hole resembling a mouthpiece. Consider the comfort in your hand, and whether you are going to burn your nose when you light the bowl. Adjust your holes placement accordingly, your first two holes should form a 90 degree ‘L’ to the center of the apple.


3.Your third and final hole in making a pipe is the carb. Make this hole where you can comfortably place your thumb either on the right or left side of the apple about a quarter of the way around from the mouthpiece hole. Connect this hole to the corner point of the the ‘L’ tunnel. Do not make the hole deeper than the core of the apple pipe.

how to make apple pipe


into all holes
of the apple to clear out remaining chunks
of fruit left in the fresh apple pipe. Dry the fruit pipe completely, throw a couple of small nugs up on top, press down slightly, plug the carb with finger, burn, breathe and feel the marijuana effect by hitting an apple pipe.


How To Make A Pipe

(The Can Pipe)


A can pipe is a convenient and easy to make marijuana pipe if you find yourself with weed but without a pipe. You can make a marijuana pipe out of a can in mere seconds, however, we have heard the myth that smoking out of a can may give off a small amount of harmful chemicals from the ink printed on the can, and possibly from the thin aluminum structure of the can overheating.

We at this point carry no evidence to support this myth, however, our common sense tells me it probably is not a good idea to recommend this way to to learn how to make a pipe. Sometimes though, it is a convenient way how to make a pipe in a must do situation.


Making a can pipe



Asoda can. Drink its contents, rinse it with hot water, then rinse again.


A poker/poking tool, always carry a paper clip in your wallet just in case, or you can use a pen, an earring, a small key, a really small screwdriver, or any other tiny sharp object that can to make a pipe


Now take your can
and imagine making a marijuana pipe. It is going to need a flat bowl area for the weed, a carb to clear the smoke, and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is easy because it is already there. It’s the hole you drink out of on the top of the can.

Make a flat area
for your weed pipe by making an indention that is aligned above the mouthpiece.

how to make a can pipe

3. Grab your poker and make your first hole in the center of the indention. Be careful with your strength in poking the hole, if you put too big of a hole you will need to start over on a new can.


If you think the first hole is too small make another one either right next to the first hole, or make the first hole slightly bigger. If you put too many or too big of holes you will be sucking in more air than smoke. No more than three small holes.

make a marijuana pipe

Using the same poker
make a slightly larger hole in the
side of the can where you will be placing your thumb. This will serve as the carb when clearing the smoke out of the can pipe.



how to make a pipePlace your nugs in the indented bowl area of your easy to make marijuana pipe, plug the carb with your thumb, burn, inhale, and feel the marijuana effect of a can pipe.