Weed detox. How to pass a marijuana drug test.

Weed detox. Passing a marijuana drug test


Weed detox, or thc detox, can take up to month for long term users who are not trying to accelerate the process.


THC gets stored in your fat cells which normally retains energy until last resort. That means complete thc cleansing can be difficult.


THC is circulating in your blood,


Passing a drug test remedy.


Use these recommendations at your own risk. We shall not be held liable for failed drug tests.

This is some stuff you first need to know.

THC is fat soluble not water soluble. That means drinking lots of water days in advance is useless. All water is good for in this case is to temporarily dilute your urine/thc ratio. There are a lot of myths about weed detox.

1) Drinking vinegar cleanses your body of thc. That is FALSE.

2) Drinking only cranberry juice will do the job. FALSE

(diuretics like coffee and cranberry juice supply only temporary relief)

The fastest and most proven way to naturally remove THC at an accelerated rate is to exercise, exercise, exercise. This activates your fat cells. You can also take a fat burning supplement to accelerate this process further. This is TRUE, however it can still take up to a month this way Detox products are worth the investment, and get they get the job done. TRUE

Passing a marijuana drug test.

Since THC is stored in your blood metabolites, urine, and hair,  If you don’t have close to a month to detox then your best bet is to consider herbal weed detox products.

There are a lot of products on the market that can get the job done.

If you can’t wait for shipping you can try your local smoke shop for guaranteed detox products. They might have one that has had great reviews for you.

If you have some time to wait there are a lot of products offered on line which are guaranteed to work as well.

Some detox drinks work best a few hours before testing, while some work better a day(s) in advance.  Make sure you are aware of your situation, and the products offered.

A great for these products is Testclear.com. They have a great range of products with decent prices.

You might want to check out this product from there although they have more depending on how urgent your situation is. A lot of their products come with pre-cleansing pills.

It is suggested that you try to stay away from everyday toxins during your detox. Ex. fatty oils store and retain thc,

The more impurities that your body has to flush out due to poor food intake means that you have less time and energy to flush out the bad stuff that you need to.

They say to stay away from vitamins because they change the color of your pee too much, The person analyzing the test may say that it’s been tampered with.

While taking your pee test…Let the first few seconds of your urine stream go into the toilet, then begin to fill your cup. Let the last of your stream go into the toilet.

The idea is that most of the toxins in your urine should be flushed out first, while the less toxic urine is in mid stream.

If they question your for being overly hydrated, say that you like to exercise, and you drink lots of water regularly.