New Smokers: Follow this Information

Follow this information


by Gerald D Seabolt


For new smokers follow these instructions:
1) Smoke no more than 25% the amount in a cigarette.
2) Wait at least 20 minutes
3) Be aware that marijuana varies in strength between 2%
and as high as 20%.
4) Always test the strength by waiting 20 minutes.
5) Never drive after smoking.
Warning step 6–Warning step 6– Warning step 6

6) If you drive & have an accident you will lose every thing
in a court of LAW. You will never win your case.
7) Wait at least 6 hours before driving. This especially
applies to any Marijuana taken by mouth.
8) There are hundreds of articles on how to smoke marijuana
but I could not find a single article that gives you
this advice and information.

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