How to clean a bong. You can clean a bong without making a mess.


How To Clean A Bong For Healthier Smoke & Better Tasting Rips


Learning how to clean a bong may at first seem difficult. A bong can be awkwardly shaped, smelly, and fragile. All of which can lead you to believe that cleaning a bong is a hassle.

Cleaning bong resin is not fun, but it is a must do! Resin chunks build up quickly in the
water chamber creating murky, smelly swamp-like water. Dirty bong water can negatively alter the flavorful taste of a bong rip. Not only that, but the resin is a sticky mess.

However, If you keep up on your bong maintenance regularly you can
clean a bong
with minimal difficulty every time.


How To Clean A Bong



  • 70-90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • salt
  • Q-tip
  • zip lock bags
  • rubber gloves
  • pitcher of hot water (optional)


1. Remove dirty bong water by dumping in toilet. Flush quickly (this stuff stinks) and carefully disassemble all bong parts.


2. Do a quick rinse on all bong parts with warm water removing major bong resin remnants. Individually soak bong parts in a zip lock bag with rubbing alcohol shaking the parts back and forth carefully breaking down the resin. Rinse with warm water. Use the Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to get the rest. Rinse again.


3. Take the bong and fill the chamber about 1/4 – 1/2 way with rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon or two of salt. If you only have a minimal amount of rubbing alcohol you can add some hot water to the solution.


4. Put on rubber gloves. Cap the top and plug all holes. Now shake bong up and down, back and forth being very careful not to drop it. Let stand for few minutes and carefully shake again.


5. Dump the alcohol and salt solution in toilet, flush, and rinse bong with hot water. Most resin should wash away, if not then repeat step 3 using only hot water and salt.


6. Rinse, reassemble, dry, load it, smoke it and experience the marijuana effect. You now know how to clean a bong.