How to store weed. Learn the best way to store weed here.


How To Store Weed & Keep Your Bud Fresh. Learn The Best Way To Store Weed

How to Store Weed

Learn how to store weed and keep your bud fresh.

With the correct way to store weed you can keep your bud fresh for months! With ease…


Storing marijuana is a no brainer for most people.


All too often I see people storing their herb in the same container that came with it.


(Generally a Zip lock). Other people store their bud in an everyday item like an altoid container, or their mothers spice jars.


For some people these methods work just fine.


Although, if you want to store your weed for long periods of time the best way to do that is in a glass nug jar.

How to store marijuana

How To Store Weed


1. Storing marijuana in a plastic bag is a bad idea.


(A) Your weed will dry out very quickly causing it to turn into “shake”. Shake is basically just dry crushed up buds. (B) Shake creates harsher smoke when inhaled.


Another reason why Baggies are a bad way how to store weed is because they can create “Static Cling”.


Static Cling happens when your plastic baggy is charged with a small amount of electricity from rubbing in your pants pocket. When that happens some of your THC gets separated from the buds and sticks to the baggy.


how to store weed don't use baggie 
2. A decent way how to store weed is in a prescription pill bottle.


Prescription bottles are mostly AIR TIGHT, and amber colored for the purpose of blocking out & minimizing UV rays to it’s contents.


Light, especially Sunlight, can tragically damage the quality of your buds.


That’s why Amber glass and amber plastic are supposed to be better for storing marijuana compared to clear glass.


The moral of the story  is to keep your weed out of the light as much as possible.



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3. Glass Jars with gasket style sealed tops are generally recognized as the best way to store weed.




a) When you pick your jar try to find one that is strong enough to take some big hits JUST IN CASE. It’s highly likely that your going to drop your jar once or twice, and you may even bump into something.


b) Jars with rubber seals keep the smell in better than not having a rubber seal.


– A good habit to have is to limit the amount of times you open and close your jars and containers. Even though it’s tempting.


c) The best way how to keep nug fresh is to store it in a cool, dark, and dry environment. Especially if you plan on keeping your nug for longer than just a few days.


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4. If you still think that after storing your weed in an airtight container, and in a cool dark place in not enough… Think about taping
a very small and slightly damp cotton ball or cue-tip to top of your container. Your next option is to buy a small disk humidifier at your local tobacco shop (disk humidifiers are used for cigar cases)


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