How to use a vaporizer, benefits of a vaporizer, and whythey are so cool!


Learn How To Use a Vaporizer. What Is a Vaporizer, and Why Vaporizers Are So Unique


Learning how to use a vaporizer is as easy as learning how to use an easy bake oven.

Vaporizers are fairly new to our markets so you might be asking yourself, what is a vaporizer?



vaporizing marijuana

Although vaporizers are recent technology, technology changes very rapidly creating an assortment of different makes and models of the same product working to achieve the same goal.


A vaporizer is a device specifically designed for smoking herbal tobacco and other products through a humidification process. The benefits of a vaporizer are astounding. Vaporizers nearly eliminate all the harmful tars and carcinogens that are associated with smoking. This is done by eliminating the combustion process.


Note: Vaporizing is not the same as smoking.


When you smoke you are actually burning the herb with a flame (combustion). The benefits of a vaporizer is that they utilize a totally different approach.


A vaporizer uses the process of either convection or conduction to separate the water and chemicals from the herb. Convection simply means the movement of molecules across a surface using heat.


Some vaporizers use convection by moving hot air across the surface of the herb by either forcing the hot vapor into a controlled area like a balloon bag, like in the case of volcano vaporizers, or hot air can be pulled across the herb using the power of your lungs by sucking on a tube as in the case of a basic hot box vaporizer .


Some vaporizers use conduction, which means that there is a hot surface directly touching the herb to create the vapors.


How to use a vaporizer.

Different models of vaporizers.

how to use a vaporizer

How to use a vaporizer volcano vaporizer
 A heating element encased in a volcano like metal housing that pumps hot air across herb into a balloon creating a chemical rich vapor cloud.


1. Turn vaporizer temp to 300-350 degrees F, the hotter the danker. However you may accidentally burn your herb if it gets too hot and dry so test at lower temps and work up.


2. Grind herb into small flakes, place into vaporizer bowl piece and cover with bowl screen.


3. When vape is hot attach your loaded bowl to the bag and place onto the heating element.


4. Turn vaporizer air pump on and gradually help the bag fill with the vapors.


5. Turn off vape when bag is full, attach mouth piece, hit the vape and feel the effect.


How to use a hot box vaporizer:

how to use a vaporizer

to use a vaporizer
Hot box vaporizer

A heating element encased in a box like housing that uses a tube and lung power to pull air across marijuana. We use the term hot box vaporizer in a general term here.


1. Turn vaporizer to 300-350 degrees, grind herb to fine consistency, and place it into the glass or ceramic bowl tube attachment. Pack down gently.


NOTE: If your hot box doesn’t have a temp gauge twist dial right three full times and left a half a turn. 


2. When the vape is hot attach tube with loaded herb to heating element.


3. Inhale vapors as a steady rate through the tube, exhale and feel the effect of a hot box vaporizer.


NOTE: If you inhale a little faster at a higher temperature you will get the strongest hits. IF YOU HIT IT TOO SLOW YOU CHANCE BURNING YOUR HERB: it is not recommended to leave whip attached during breaks or intermissions.

vapor genie

A vaporizing pipe that heats your herb through the process of conduction (touching hot surface on herb) in a controlled bowl area of a pipe, using a flame which is pulled across a small ceramic heating element when taking a hit.