How to hide weed at home. Keep our weed stash safe!

How To Hide Weed In Your House. How To Hide Marijuana With A Secret Hiding Spot


Learn how to hide weed in your house so you never get caught by ANYONE. (parents, g-parents, siblings, missionaries…)

All too many times have we heard stories of friends and foes getting caught in their home, or in the car, with marijuana.


And guess what…? Most of the time they get into trouble.

Here we would like to show you a few cool secret stash spot techniques to reduce the risk of TROUBLE.


How To Hide Marijuana


Things NOT to do!


Never let the smell of marijuana seap through your container.


So, we would would strongly suggest that you keep your weed sealed in an airtight container.

Never in a zip lock bag alone. (STILL STINKS)

It is good to hide your weed in an obvious place, BUT let’s not be too obvious.




1. It is a bad idea to hide your weed in any regular day drawer. (Sock drawer, shirt drawer, and especially your miscellaneous drawer.)


2. Under your bed, desk, and bedroom cabinets/shelves.


3. In the clothes you just smoked in the night before, or just any clothing pockets in general.


4. On the desk, in the desk, on table, or on the shelves.


5. In your wallet, purse.




How To Hide Weed VIDEO at the bottom of the page…


Your marijuana stash secret hiding spot should be well though out, hard to find, and hard for you to forget.


You must first consider the person trying to find your weed stash, and where they might be trying to look. For all the obvious places you find, make a mental note to not hide your valuables there.


If you think that your home has too high of security, and it is literally impossible to hide your stash for whatever reason, you should consider burrying it in the back yard.


are a few ideas to consider when finding your secret stash spot.


1. It is really easy to find your weed if it stinks!



Most people rarely go into their attics, so if you are trying to store a lot of bud, this might be a place for you to consider.


3. If you are trying to make or find your own stash spot then you must think creative. You need to start thinking of what will not get picked up, tampered with, or stolen.


4. Think about hollowing something out.

EX- Internals of an old flashlight, an old worthless computer speaker, an old clock radio, or even a stuffed animal.


Pretty much anything with little value or interest.


5. In the walls. If you have an discreet crevices you can slip a small bottle or jar into.


6. You can make a false electrical plug by turning off the power to your home, disconnecting the wires to an outlet, and screw in a plastic box housing found at your local hardware store.