How to hide weed smoke. You can hide weed smell and eliminate smoke.

Hide Weed Smoke in 1. 2. 3. Steps Learn To Hide Pot Smoke, and Hide Pot Smell


You can hide weed smoke, and hide weed smell in two easy to make devices.


This method is called a mute. it hides both smell, and smoke. Click here to learn how to make a floobie. This method only disguises the smell.


The smell of marijuana can often times get us into bad situations. Let’s face it we live in a society that has
outlawed marijuana.


If the wrong person gets a whiff of your hit you might find yourself in trouble. You want to hide weed smoke, and hide weed smell in situations where you don’t want people to know you are smoking marijuana.


Examples of these situations can range from smoking in your bedroom with your parent’s room next door, or driving down the road to vacation island.


You wouldn’t scent of marijuana on the down low. Beware of others you don’t know if they will call the police or join the session. Just always keep it safe.


How To Hide Weed Smoke & Hide Weed Smell (The Mute)


A Mute is a very simple and effective device used to hide pot smoke, and hide pot smell. A mute eliminates the smoke, and scent of marijuana when you blow into it. The concept is actually quite simple and cost effective.


Materials: Dust mask filter or painters mask filter, a hot glue gun, and a one inch wide and one inch long piece of PVC pipe. The filters often come in packs of two’s ranging from three to ten dollars. Trust us it will work.


1. Turn on your hot glue gun, cut PVC pipe to an inch or so, and remove your filter from the package.


2. The filter should have an opening which originally attached to a dust, or painters mask. Place your PVC pipe over the opening making a tube which will be attached to this opening.


3. Apply hot glue generously to the base where the pipe and the filter meet.


Try to make a good seal remember you are trying to hide pot smoke. Let dry and take your new mute for a test run by blowing into the PVC pipe with your already inhaled marijuana smoke.


Other Hide Weed Smoke & Hide Weed Smell Tips

There are a few other techniques that you can use to hide the smell marijuana smoke, but you must remember that it’s scent is always unique and powerful. Always think safe!



is a great odor reducer if you have just hot boxed (smoked without airing out) your car or room.


2. Keep a bottle of air sanitizer, not air freshener near by!


3. Incense sticks are always good to have burning during a session because the scented smoke that it creates masks the smoke created by the bong.


4. Make sure to be in an area that can be easily


5. Have a bottle of listerine, some gum, or a powerful mint around for your breath.