Baked and Super Paranoid

Baked and Super Paranoid

Baked and Super Paranoid

by Kani Thompson

(Victoria, Australia)

Ok well I live in Australia and it was a monday morning a school day but my class had excursion (they call it field trip in USA) me and two of my mates decided to meet up at the park near the school at 8am we had to be back by 9am.

We all had are own weed about 1 gram each, So we start toking up I had the best weed it cost me $25, I had never smoked this weed and I didn’t even smoke half of my gram and I was super baked already, My other two mates were pretty baked and it was both there 2nd time smoking.

So after I smoked half of my gram I put my weed back in my bag, Then went back into school, I was super baked everything was going slow and everything was dreamy and hazy we had caught the bus for 1 hour into the city (everything was trippy as fuck)before the bus ride my teacher came and talked too me and looked at my red eyes and smiled :), That made me a bit paranoid.

When we had arrived we had to put are bags in one big locker and I had weed and not only that police were around so by this time I was shitting myself, My teacher was talking to a cop and This made it so bad, I started going into panic mode,

The day went so slow but it was fun me and my mates were high as fuck ! 🙂
By the end of the day The teachers or cops didn’t find my stash but on the bus on the ride back Boom! I was knocked out fast asleep,

It was a good memory I’ll never forget 🙂
BluntSmokerAus 😉

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