Learning Weed Etiquette Rules &
Stoner Etiquette Knowledge.

Poor weed etiquette can possibly end you up in an unpleasant situation. It is needless to say, but there are rules for anything and everything you do in life. The same goes for smoking marijuana.

Since your actions stand out most in group settings, this guide will focus on the general stoner etiquette rules for smoking in group environments.

NOTE - This weed etiquette guide is not intended to describe any particular group or individuals tendency's, it merely describes the basic manners and steps stoners do or should take when they smoke weed.

It is very easy to let your marijuana etiquette slip when you smoke by yourself, or with one other person consistantly. The flaw can be as little as not completely clearing the bong before passing it.

Ya, not clearing the bong might not bother you or the person you normally smoke with, but if you accidentally pass it to the wrong person they might put you on the spot for passing them stale smoke!

General Weed Etiquette Rules:

1. If you are packing the weed let everyone know how dank your weed is so they are warned of that strain's marijuana effect.

2. If you are sick let everyone know beforehand. They might not want to smoke if you are in the session.

3. If you are packing the weed ALWAYS offer someone else the first rip.

4. If you notice that someone in the rotation looks extra stressed from a long day offer it to them first. Maybe even insist they take two hits. This will instantly lighten the moods.

5. If you notice that there is only a little bit of weed to go round, try your best not to smoke it all so you can pass it along.

6. If you notice that the bowl is ashed, or "cashed" be sure to >discard the ash, "ash the pipe", and do not pass it to the next person for them to take a hit.

7. Pocketing someonelse's lighter is unacceptable.

8. Generally the rotation goes to the left.

Smoking Etiquette For BONGS and PIPES.

1. Keep your pipe, and bong, and all your stuff clean.


2. Each time you take a hit from a smoking piece, including bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and anything else, please wipe off the mouthpiece with your shirt or sleeve.

3. Please try not get your saliva, DROOL, or slimy lips, all over the piece. Please "Keep it dry".

4. If you drool in somebody's bong be sure to sincerely apologize, and ask if you can help the owner clean it.

5. "Keep it green". Try not to light the whole bowl on the first hit. Try to maybe half or quarter the bowl.


Clear the bong/pipe before passing it. Stale smoke is harsh and stinky.

Marijuana Etiquette For JOINTS/BLUNTS:

1. If you are smoking a joint, use a crutch. This helps to keep it dry, and it keeps joint tip open.


2. Do not Bogart the joint or blunt by letting it burn without hitting it and passing it. Pass it!

3. If the joint starts to run while it is being smoked, stop smoking it, lick your finger and apply the saliva in the area where it is incorrectly burning. Be careful not to burn yourself though.

4. Tell the person who rolled the joint/blunt how well of a job he/she did

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