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Since there are so many different kinds of vaporizers on the market we know that it can be hard for you to make your final decision..

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Type Price Style Digital Warranty Accessories Other
Volcano Digital $669.00 Forced Air - Bag X 2 year 7-10 minute warm up
Volcano Classic  $539.00 Forced Air - Bag 3 year 7-10 minute warm up
Evolutions $499.99 Direct Draw X _______ Compact
Volatizer $449.00 Direct Draw X _______ Free Grinder, Carry Case Portable
Aromed $439.99 Direct Draw X 3 year Carry Case Water Filter
V-Tower Extreme $299.99 Whip/Bag 
Forced Air
X Lifetime Potpourri and oil diffuser bowl
Silver Surfer $269.99 Whip 3 year Hemp Carry Case, Stir tool
Herbal Aire $249.99 Whip/Bag
Forced Air
2 year Aromatherapy Bags
Vapolution $249.99 Direct Draw Lifetime  Car Charger Portable
Iolite $249.99 Direct Draw 2 year Carry Case, Cleaning Tools Grinder Portable
Type Price Style Digital Warranty Accessories Other
Natural Goods $224.99 Forced Air - Whip X Lifetime
Vapor Tower $199.00 Whip Lifetime Free Grinder Payment Plan

$199.99 Whip X Lifetime Potpourri and oil diffuser bowl
Da Buddha $189.99 Whip 3 year Hemp Carry Case, Stir tool
Easy Vape $149.99 Whip X 5 year
Hot Box $149.00 Whip 1 year Free
Vapir Air One $149.99 Whip/Bag - Forced Air X 90 day Warranty Card
I Vape $139.99
Direct Draw 3 year
Vapir Mini $125.00
including charger
Direct Draw X 90 day Warranty Card Portable
Karma $119.99
Direct Draw 90 day Warranty 
Vapor Genie $49.95 Vapor Pipe Lifetime Glass Stir Tool Portable

    * Some Vaporizers may come with additional accessories and some information may be out of date. This list will be updated, as more vaporizer review pages are created.

Buying a vaporizer.
How to buy a vaporizer.

Buying a vaporizer is easy once you have made your decision.

It's not likely that you'll be able to find your chosen vaporizer in your everyday smoke shop, but there are many places on line that offer great deals and customer service.

Depending on what you buy, there is often FREE incentives like grinders, and carry cases with your purchase.