Please Clean Your Marijuana Paraphernalia. Pipes, Bongs,Vapes, & Anything
Else That Gets Dirty.

pipe wipes

You should clean your marijuana paraphernalia often. Cleaning your stuff only takes a little bit of time and effort but it is one of the most neglected rules in smoking marijuana.

Keeping your pipe clean should be second nature for several reasons.

Reasons to clean your marijuana paraphernalia:

1. Marijuana resin builds up quickly and can potentially clog the pipe during the session.

2. Pipes, Bongs, Vapes, Grinders and all other smoking tools and devices that are often passed around in group sessions collectlots of germs in the rounds!
You don't want to get sick!

3. Your stuff always looks new!

4. Also, the rips taste better.

How to clean a pipe

How to clean a pipe. Cleaning glass pipes does not require glass pipe cleaner. Learn how to clean a pipe, and keep clean too!

How to clean a pipe.
Cleaning a glass pipe is quite simple.
Clean a glass pipe.

how to clean a pipe

How to clean a bong

How to clean a bong. Learn to clean a bong for purer smoke. Learning how to clean a bong may at first seem difficult.

Click to learn how to clean a bong.
You can clean a bong without making a mess.

How to clean a vaporizer

How to clean a vaporizer, weed vaporizers. If you know how to clean a vaporizer it is likely you will expand the life of your weed vaporizer.

How to clean a vaporizer.
Clean vaporizer parts. Clean marijuana vaporizer.

How To Clean A Vaporizer