can pipe

simple for the beginner that is strapped for cash
step 1: find a soda can empty or full if empty make sure it's CLEAN if full empty and then CLEAN
step 2: rip off the tab
step 3: bend the side of the can (going down the length of the can) closest the the mouth piece into a V shape and the opposite side of the can(length) into a platform by placing your thumbs on the platform side and making a V with the rest of your fingers sliding your thumbs down the length of the can starting at the bottom.(make sure to pinch the now rigid sides of the platform together to make a wind barrier)
step 4: in the middle of the platform poke 4-9 holes in a close grouping (i prefer 6 holes set up in 2 columns)
step 5: poke a hole at the bottom of the can for a carb(pressure release)
step5: pack it smoke it sit back and feel the marijuana effect

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