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The Marijuana Effect is here to support medical marijuana movement, and to supply marijuana information to the world.

We see that marijuana is here on this planet for many reasons. These reasons are to build upon and help support our world's growing need for sustainable energy and resources in all facets of industry.

This home grown website based in Southern California has hopes of bringing an objective outlook of the possibilites of medical marijuana and industrial hemp. Our goal is to educate as many people about the social effects of marijuana and it's many uses. 

Here at TheMarijuanaEffect we are not doctors, nor are we lawyers.
We are marijuana activists, who are in touch with the marijuana community.

In a time of legal turmoil, it is time for some facts to be aligned.
On the net, in the news, and in our homes the facts have been misconstrued.

That's why is here to supply the community with accurate, and valuable information that is both needed and desired.

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