Cannabis Products

Cannabis Products

Choose from a broad selection of cannabis products when you shop online at Hyman, one of the most well respected marijuana producers in Michigan. We know that our customers are looking for exceptional value when buying cannabis, which is why we offer some of the lowest prices on the best strains of weed available. See all of our popular cannabis strains online, search for a Hyman location near you, and pick up one or two of our best-selling strains for an outstanding experience. You’ll never regret your decision to step out of the box and try something new- from Hyman.

9 Best Tasting HYMAN Weed Strains Sold At Your Dispensary

1. Apple Fritter is a Hybrid strain with a fruity, vanilla aroma and sweet apple taste, delivering an euphoric, happy, tingly experience you’ll want to enjoy time after time. This and all of our strains are available in pre-packaged eights and 2g handcrafts.

2. Bee Cookie is one of the new cannabis strains found in dispensaries today and is quickly becoming one of the best-selling at Hyman. A cannabis strain with a pungent aroma and a diikie, doughy flavor, it delivers an energizing, creative experience that is heady.

3. If you love the classic Italian twice-baked cookie taste you’re going to want to try our Indica Hybrid Biscotti strain that features a nutty aroma and spicy, sugary, sweet flavor. Biscotti is one of our strongest weed strains that will leave you with a relaxing body high.

4. Ready for dessert? Try Hyman’s Indica Hybrid Gelato strain with orange and blueberry aroma and berry, citruc, and sweet aftertones. Reach for Gelato when you’re in the mood for a happy and relaxing end of the day high like nothing else you’ve tried.

5. Are you searching for something sophisticated for after dinner or times when you just want to chill? Kush Mints smells spicy and is reminiscent of your favorite herbal coffee. If you need a mood lift, Kush Mints will not dissapoint.

6. Sleep peacefully after a few puffs of Marshmallow OG, one of our most popular cannabis products. Sweet and nutty aroma tastes like honey and leaves you with a relaxing body high that will feel like you’re melting right into your bed.

7. Reward yourself after a busy day with a slice of Indica Peach Pie from Hyman. Fruity and sweet to the nose, Peach Pie has a sweet and lightly spicy flavor that is ideal for enhancing sleep or helping you ratchet down a few notches after a long day at work or play.

8. If you’re like most of our customers at Hyman, you’re looking for something sweet and sinless to cap off your day. Try our Indica Strawnana for a totally satisfying strawberry, fruity flavor and aroma and cerebral high that leaves you feeling reenergized and renewed after just a few puffs.

9. Go down slowly with Sunset Sherbet, one of our new cannabis strains, when you’re ready for a deep sleep or a mellow, creative time spent alone or with friends. This Hybrid’s fruity aroma and sweet berry taste are oh-so-satisfying.

Stop in to one of our partnered Michigan dispensaries to find all 9 of our strains. We promise a rewarding shopping expedrience when you’re looking for quality cannabis products.

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Cannabis Products
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