How to clean a vaporizer. Clean vaporizer parts. Clean marijuana vaporizer.


How To Clean A Vaporizer. How To Clean Weed Vaporizers

If you know how to clean a vaporizer it is likely that you will expand the life span of your weed vaporizer.
Marijuana vaporizers have the tendency to get sticky during the vaporization process.

How to clean a vaporizer: Volcano Vaporizer.


Sticky clear resin builds up on all the directly exposed vaporizer pieces. This along with the vaporized dry herb in the bowl piece give good cause for you to clean your vaporizer after every use.

Parts that get dirty…
how to clean a vaporizer

Some of the parts that get dirty on a volcano vaporizer after a session are; the bowl piece including a screen, a rubber O seal, aluminum bowl insert, and a separate screen and slide. All put together in a tempered plastic bowl housing.

The tempered plastic bag attachment also collects a lot of the resin, so that would need to be deep cleaned as well, and the mouth piece attachment should be thoroughly sanitized with rubbing alcohol and warm water.

At times the bag may need to be replaced but that is also easy. You want a clean marijuana vaporizer so we would suggest cleaning after every use.


Materials for a clean marijuana vaporizer:

70-90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, small toothbrush, plastic zip lock bag, gloves, possibly new bowl screen replacements, Q-tips, paper towels, warm – hot water.

Learn how to clean a vaporizer by following these tips. Don’t worry it should be pretty easy to turn your vape into a clean marijuana vaporizer.

clean marijuana vaporizer 

1. Put on gloves and trash any nug left over in the bowl attachment. Take toothbrush and brush most of the nug flakes into the trash. Also, brush the screen and slide which is a separate piece that blocks the weed from getting blown into the bag.


clean vaporizer parts2. The housing should have a metal bowl insert that screws in, so you need to twist it out. Stick two fingers in the metal bowl insert holding it in place and twist the housing to the left. You should separate the housing from the insert, and the rubber O seal.


3. Take apart and clean marijuana vaporizer screen and screen slide pieces, and be careful because these are small. It should have a screen, a metal screen support, a metal nut, and a small slide stick.

clean vaporizer partsclean vaporizer parts

4. Take apart the mouth piece, and separate the the bag attachment from the bag.

how to clean a vaporizer


5. Put all your metal pieces, and the bag attachment into a zip lock bag submerged in rubbing alcohol seal, let stand, and shake the bag periodically.



how to clean a vaporizer

6.Run all the pieces through warm-hot water removing resin that the alcohol didn’t. Put on rubber gloves if you are scared of a little sticky and dip Q-tips in alcohol and rub away any other stubborn resin spots, also you can sanitize the mouth piece again and rinse again.

7. Reverse the process, and put it all back together. Twist the insert into the housing, replace seal. Reassemble mouthpiece, and attach bag to the bag attachment.

Now you have clean vaporizer parts.

clean vaporizer parts


How To Clean A Vaporizer:
(Hot Box Vaporizer)

clean marijuana vaporizer
Cleaning a hot box vaporizer is much easier than the volcano vaporizer.

1. Use a Q-tip dipped into rubbing alcohol to clean vaporizer heating element when COOLED COMPLETELY.

2. Dirty vaporizer tubes develop over a period of time. They start to brown due to high temperatures and resin build up.

You can separate the tube from the glass vaporizer bowl attachment and cut the brown end off the tube a time or two but, we would recommend replacing the tube over time.

3. Soak vaporizer glass bowl piece in a zip lock bag with alcohol, seal and let sit for a while. Shake in the bag, rinse it off, and then replace tube.

You are ready to heat the weed vaporizer to feel the marijuana effect.


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