Weed has made my life so much happier

by Noah
(Dalton, Georgia, Unites States)

I am 14 years old and would consider myself a pretty normal member of society, I play sports, Make good grades, have lots of friends, and live in a nice neighborhood. I smoke weed Usually about everyday if I have any, and Ive done so for about a year. It hasnt negatively effected my performance in the classroom or on the field. I'm a Varsity football player, Wrestler, and baseball player! Which means I play sports throughout the entire school year and not once has Marijuana changed my performance. I never feel the need to smoke before a game or practice, I just wait untill I'm home in my bed and I can just kick back, smoke a joint, and Just relax for a little while. When I'm high I have no trouble finishing my homework or doing chores, so why shouldn't I be able to enjoy this wonderful gift from god?! I am all for the legalization of Marijuana! Let us smoke!!!

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