The reason i started a delivery service

Sanity’s 420 is inspired by a patient we met one day outside a club. Sanity and I were at a club, and as we were leaving we came across a really friendly lady who had been dropped off by someone at the end of the drive way. She was in a wheel chair and was having a hard time maneuvering up the driveway. We walked over to her and grabbed the handles and helped her to the club. She was so thankful for the help and she even tried to give me money. I told her that was not necessary, and that I was just glad I could help. As we turned to walk away, she grabbed my hand to thank me again, and said that she was so impressed with my dog, and how friendly she was. I told her that she is a product of the type of person i am, Right then, I saw her eyes water up and she said that she wished that she had someone like us to help her all the time. She asked what her name was, and I said Sanity. She smiled and said Sanity was just what she needed.. We said good bye to one another, and I remember the look in her eyes, she had gotten to me..

That's what inspired us to put everything we had in to starting this delivery service. Sanity and I meet people every day, and I have to say it’s a great feeling to help others. The appreciation we get is worth more than anything else.

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