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Weed Vaporizers, & Herbal Vaporizers.

Smoking Vaporizers are otherwise known as Herbal Vaporizers, Weed Vaporizers, or Marijuana Vaporizers.

Smoking vaporizers are called Herbal Vaporizers because when you try one of these vaporizers you'll find that you are actually no longer smoking marijuana.

Marijuana Vaporizers were invented so that you can get the Same Level of Medication (high) while eliminating the hazards of smoking.

Vaporizers use a different method of extracting the chemicals in marijuana. The actual process of extraction is known as convection, or conduction.

Instead of using fire (aka combustion) these "smoking vaporizers, or herbal vaporizers" replace fire with hot air that passes through your chopped marijuana (convection) and turns that hot air into medicated vapors. The older style of marijuana vaporizers used hot plates that heated your herb (conduction) which releases the medicated vapors.

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