Smoking Weed Changed My Life...

(Grosse Ile, Michigan)

For The Better.

The first time I ever smoked I was 16, and I can definitely say it wasn't love at first toke. I didn't like the effects, I thought I was losing my rational thought process, and I woke up with the worst greenover the next morning, and had to take the PSAT. So after that night I agreed that I had the experience, and I wasn't going to smoke again.

Then when I turned 17 it was soon summer. This sparked a new curiosity for the herb, as one of my best friends was a fairly frequent smoker. So I began smoking once every few weeks or so.

At first being high scared me, I didn't understand it, it was different. But my best friend told me it was like learning to live in a new world. So from this point of view I started learning. And haven't stopped since.

I really became a bonafide stoner this past year and it has been one of the greatest growing experiences of my life. Being at the end of my senior year of high school and ready to start college, I didn't know where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do. And I feel like smoking weed has allowed me to figure out myself. And because of it I've been nothing but happy.

So these are the effects marijuana has had on my life:
1. It made me passionate about learning again
2. It helped me discover myself
3. It helped me decide on my future life goals
4. It's given me a better relationship with my parents overall
5. When I'm high I clean, so my house looks beautiful now
6. I feel more social and less shy
7. It helped me out of a relationship where I wasn't happy
8. It's made me question society
9. I have a better work ethic
10. I'm financially smart(I need money for weed)
11. I can budget my time better
12. I've been doing better in school (with 3 AP classes)
13. I've found a deeper understanding of music
14. I've met so many great people
15. I love playing my instrument again
16. I have a healthier lifestyle (salad for munchies)
17. I'm more interesting to talk to
18. I can sleep much better

These are the doors that have been closed in my life because of smoking marijuana:
1. I can't pass a drug test

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