Robs fav. Bud brownies(:

by Robert aone
(Manteca ca us)

This is the best and easiest way to make pot brownies.this recipe doesnt call for pot butter. It calls for pot oil. It still smells when making it but not as bad as the butter.


One box of brownies
All ingredients the brownies call for
One teaspoon of nightquil

Brownies usally call for a half cup of oil. Use that oil with whatever amount of bud you want ( I use an oz (28grams) but as little as 3.5 grams ) put oil and bud in sauce pan on med heat stiring constanly. About 45 min. ( oil will turn a brownish color) cool off oil in fridge for 2hrs or so..add to brownies subsuiting the oil with bud oil. Add other ingredients including the nightquil and injoy

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