Pipes of The Century.

The New & healthy alternative.

We all had the idea but only one company has came through....

It's a filtered smoking pipe.

piparette pipes
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Worried about the harmful effects of smoking?

Piparette pipes are a healthier and cooler smoking alternative to convention smoking methods.

All Piparette pipes have a multi-patented filtration system that is proven to keep harmful tars and heat out!

Here is what PiparetteDirect have to offer.


autoloader piparette

The Autoloader is a revolutionary pipe that loads your bowl for you.


Evolution Piparette

Replaceable smoke path on all pipes. 

Easy to use.

How long do the filters last &
how many do you get?

Each Pipe comes with a pack of 10 replacement filters.

Each filter can last 8 - 10 large bowl sessions. That means a one pipe package will last a minimum of 80 large bowls. 

If you smoke 3 large bowls a Day you could smoke over a month straight before buying a new pack of filter cartridges for only $8.00.

Medical patients are saying It's worth it saving your lungs.

These aren't like your average cigarette filters. They are more like durable anti-tar cartridges that last for several uses.

Piparette Pipe Benefits.

Hassle free technology.
Can store herb for later usages.
Quick & Easy loading methods.
Easy to discard ashes. (Little to no mess)
Filters are durable, economical, and are a healthy smoke alternative.

piparette pipes