Medical marijuana cons and pros.
The effects of medical marijuana legalization.

The medical marijuana cons and pros should be addressed in order to help regulate and reform our current medical marijuana laws, and to educate the people who want to learn a few medical effects of marijuana.

Since there is a growing popularity for medical marijuana legalization among the states, marijuana is now establishing greater recognition for its medical value.

There are 14 states currently regulating the medicinal use of marijuana with more than a dozen states pending, or denied for legal medical marijuana use and dispense which has brough up a few issues concerning medical marijuana legalization.

Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Marijuana is also used in many other countries for medicinal and conventional use legally, partially legal, and or for other purposes.CLICK HERE TO LEARN OTHER COUNTRIES MARIJUANA LAWS.

Medical Marijuana Cons.

The medicinal use of marijuana is a hot topic among the states. The people have strong feelings both for and against its use, so a few concerns have arisen establishing some medical marijuana cons and pros.

Some people are concerned that there will be an increased usage of marijuana among children and teens since marijuana is no longer considered a bad drug.

They may feel that since the availability of marijuana is accepted and regulated by business and government officials, that all people, adults and children, will disregard the harms associated with marijuana and may increase use.

The availability of marijuana will be to anyone who is qualified and prescribed by a certified physician creating a wide range of users. These users may share with their friends or caregivers, possibly leading to an uncontrolled availability of weed to all.

There are also public safety concerns associated with medical marijuana legalization. People are concerned that their children will be exposed to marijuana smoking on the streets.

They feel that if marijuana is legalized for medical use the there may be an increase in substance abuse in inappropriate situations like at work, school, restaurants, parks, and more.

There will be a reduction in the street sells of marijuana, however, illegal marijuana street sells will still exist.

Only qualified persons who are prescribed by a doctor can legally obtain marijuana. So, those who aren't qualified will try to get it from someone they know who is qualified, or from someone who sells it on the streets.

Also, there has been recent burglaries of the medical marijuana clinics. In Aug 2009 there was two California medical marijuana dispensary break in's. The burglars got away with cash and a good amount of weed, so their crimes unfortunately paid off. Crime is an unfortunate con for the debate.

Consider this..

What if a person was qualified and prescribed, and was in a local gang. They may then start to supply their friends, and may even start to sell on the streets too. They would have legal protection by the government to grow, carry, and be under the influence of marijuana.

If you smoke marijuana lets not forget about the associated health risks from it's by products.

And to top is off, there will be yet another increase in government regulation. Some people feel that marijuana should be as equal to a rose with no restrictions on its uses and benefits, but for now the debate is on medical marijuana legalization not all access marijuana cultivation and use.

Medical Marijuana Pros.

Moving along from medical marijuana cons we have medical marijuana pros. The pros of medical marijuana are pretty straight forward, and they are very important to those who are in need the most.

First and foremost, those of whom that are qualified and in need of marijuana can be helped by a trustworthy source (a doctor). They no longer need to hit the streets for relief, but can go to a local marijuana clinic/dispensary for safe access.

If marijuana is legalized for medical use, then there will be more people open to the idea of marijuana used as a medicine. Then some in depth factual research on the marijuana plant will finally be established.

Another factor in need of the medical marijuana benefits is our government. Marijuana can be America's #1 cash crop if taxed, possibly generating a multi-billion dollar revenue for each of the states.

ARTICLE: Marijuana revenue for California.

Also, a benefit for the government and the people will be a reduction in the amount of people arrested, prosecuted, charged, and convicted for the non violent possesion of marijuana freeing up billions of dollars in tax revenue.

Another great medical marijuana pro is a reduction in the use and dependence of prescription pills. Marijuana is a great and natural pain reliever, sleep aid, appetite stimulant, and more.





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