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Lung Cancer And Marijuana Studies.

Linking marijuana and cancer to each other has proven to be difficult thus far in research laboratories.

Research shows that marijuana smokers may experience many of the same symptoms that tobacco smokers do.
In excessive users this may increase symptoms of bronchitis including coughing, excessive phlegm production, and wheezing.

marijuana and cancerMarijuana is most often consumed through various smoking methods such as bongs, pipes, joints, and blunts.

In all cases of smoking marijuana, except vaporizers which isn't really smoking, by-products from the burned weed containing hydrocarbons that are known to be carcinogenic, tars, and possibly lighter fluid come soaring through your respiratory track with every puff.

Since marijuana smoke has many of the same cancer causing by products as tobacco smoke, there is reason to believe that marijuana and cancer could be an issue. However, there is no clear conclusion linking marijuana directly to cancer.

Needless to be said, but the marijuana effect on your throat and lungs can vary upon the frequency of use, the amount used, the quality of marijuana, the means of ingestion, and how you have previously responded to marijuana use.

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ARTICLE: Marijuana cuts lung cancer tumor in half:

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