Marijuana and Cancer
By Lonnie Childs for My Son Mike.

by Lonnie Childs

My Son at the age of 34 was diagnosised with small cell cancer in His lungs.

He died several times and by the grace of God He was revived each time. Oh yes His name is Michael Earl Pastoric JR, His biological father passed away from renal failure when Mike was only 16 years old so I stepped up and became the closest thing to a best friend thet I could be.

My name is lonnie childs. To get on with our story, Mike underwent several rounds of chemo and radiation,He was so sick but again by the grace of God He went itno remission.

Mike was able to come home after 3 months. He was so sick and frail for such a young vibrant man. We all felt so helpless to keep Him comfortable but we did our best.

They told us that the type of cancer he had was a very aggresive cancer and most often attacted the brain. They recomended that Mike undergo radiation of the brain, and the chances of the cancer going to the brain would be greatly reduced.

18 mo later we got the news that we were all affraid of. The cancer had moved into his brain stem. The tunor is unoperable and untreatable, so now it's not a matter of if but when

He will pass.

But He is our Son and we are not willing to just give up, we have Hospis of helping hands involved now but we were informed that butter made from marijuana could help with His nausia as well as the posibility of shrinking the tumors.

We don't know how true this is but at this point we are willing to try anything.

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