Ideal Places for Guerilla Growers to Cultivate Cannabis

Guerilla growing is a very popular kind of cannabis cultivation usually followed by marijuana lovers. In simple words, it is a secret, hidden outdoor kind of cannabis cultivation not in one’s own garden, but rather growing somewhere out in the wild.

Since cultivation is done secretly, it is not possible to ensure proper care for guerilla cannabis plants, which is why it is very important to choose the right place to grow them and also the right kind of seeds. As far as choosing the seeds goes, it is best to select seeds that are appropriate to grow healthily even without much care.

Once you choose the right seeds for cultivation, you can now go start finding the perfect place for growing the plants, and sow them. Finding the perfect spot for cultivation is the next crucial step. Here is a listing of few of the ideal places for guerilla growers to cultivate cannabis.


The best places for marijuana cultivation can probably found in grassland areas with bushes and trees. Your crops will be less visible in such areas. A good spot of specific interest is unused farmers’ fields. You can also find the best soil in grassland areas where crop has already existed for a long duration. Further, such places tend to recycle nutrients and generate organic layers, perfect for cultivating new crops. Though, you may have to prepare the land in order to begin your production. For instance, if the soil contains sand, you may have to mix it with potting soil so as to enhance the fertility.

Banks of Rivers

Places near banks of rivers and streams are also good places to begin guerilla cannabis cultivation. Though, one may need to take into consideration the risk of losing the seeds during fall or spring because of flooding that may destroy the roots.

Mountainous Terrain or Rocky Soil

Rocky soil or mountainous terrain should also do. Pots are used in such cases. Trees and bushes will make sure that animals don’t wander across your site. This way, the risk of being found out that you are growing cannabis is also considerably less. When growing in such wild places, one thing that you need to focus on before starting the cultivation is to ensure that you use good quality soil if the soil that is already in place is of poor quality.
While these are just few of the places ideal for guerilla growers, there are many more thing that you can consider like dense places with adequate sunlight. On the whole, the best secret place for such cultivation should have sufficient sunlight, water, good soil and decent cover. Needless to say, the place should have less risk of being spotted.


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