Hide Marijuana Stash With
A Secret stash Spot.

Hidemarijuana stash in a superb hiding place at all times because it may your key to freedom.

A stash spot is a secret place, space, or hidden compartment in which you hide valuable or illegal goods for the well being of your freedom and safety, or security. We can only lay out the basic principles to finding a good weed stash spot, but it is up to your own creative mind to find the perfect spot for your valuable goods.

Too many hard working individuals have been arrested and convicted for the harmless possession of marijuana. We feel that the posession of marijuana is a non-violent crime, and should have no more harmful of a punishment than the drug's overall negative impact on society which has not been established. Jail time is not the answer.

How To Hide Marijuana Stash In Your House

Have you ever known anyone that has gotten themselves into trouble because they didn't know how to hide their marijuana stash properly.

If so, don't let yourself become a victim as well. It is important to know how to properly hide your weed stash.


Tips For Refusing Police Searches:

If you are going to be traveling with marijuana in your car, or anything else you shouldn't have, you must be on your toes at all times. Hide your stash!

If you get pulled over by the police or come across a check point, and you haven't hid your stash, your options to freedom become limited.

If you know that you have not hidden your stash in a good spot, then it is a good idea for you to reamain honest, calm, and respectful because the police may work with you in the end. Police go through special training to learn procedures for conducting police searches. Don't think they are completely foolish.

You  have the fourth amendment right to refuse search without a warrant, however, doing so will likely escalate the situation at hand. Some police fuel off of power trips like pulling you out of your vehicle and searching your car.

If this happens to you, your rights still exist, whether they threaten you or not. The next step they are allowed to take is to bring in the K-9 units.

They use the dogs in some cases to signal a detection of marijuana or any problems from outside of the vehicle. If the dogs sense illegal activity, the police now have probable cause to search your car. You must cooperate, just disagree later in court for violation of rights if you think the process was unfairly conducted.