Hashish in Lebanon


Hashish and marijuana have made life in this country so much easier to bare. In a country where everyone is so judgmental, egotistic, and paranoid, hashish is a nice way to relieve the stresses this society puts on me. Hashish might not have made me many friends here, but is has made me a few very close friends.

We all connect and let our minds leave its own imprisonment together, and we realize how meaningless all of western-society's materialism is. Everyone here wants to screw over the other just to get enough money to get a bigger car, expensive shoes, and fancy meals.

Those who smoke hashish and herb here realise that none of this can every make anybody happen, because these are all things made by man, and man cannot be trusted. We have connected spiritually together using hashish and marijuana, as we notice that the things made by God are the things that will make our lives healthier and happier. We smoke to feel love, and to praise God and love our fellow man while living peacefully with all we meet.

I love marijuana and hashish and I will never stop no matter what some big government official with a wallet full of pharmaceutical money says. I trust in herb, I trust in love, I trust in God.

One love!

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