You Can Sort, Store, Label, & Erase.
Enjoy Jars Hide The Smell of Marijuana Too.

Enjoy Jars Nug Jar Review

Enjoy Jars make it possible to separate & carry multiple strains of medical marijuana in the same jar.

Featuring a unique 4 part compartment storage system, Enjoy Jars make it easier than ever to store multiple strains of marijuana.

Enjoy jars are ideal for medical marijuana patients who carry multiple strains of medical marijuana.

Instead of juggling 3 or 4 containers Enjoy Jars combine all of your medicine containers and keeps your bud sorted in one convenient place.

Enjoy Jars make choosing your smoke easier.

Once you try the Enjoy Jar you'll experience it's true potential.

Enjoy Jars measure in at just 2 inches in height.
They feature a curved shape which makes it easy to reach every last bit of shake with your fingers. 

No more dumping out your medicine, this jar provides easy access to your buds once opened.

The Enjoy Jar is capable of storing over 5 grams in each of the 4 compartments. That means you can store over 20 grams along with your rolling papers and small bic lighter. 

Final Thoughts

The value of Enjoy Jars lies in it's convenience. Once we tested the Enjoy Jars we were completely satisfied with it's functions.

Compared to prescription pill containers, the Enjoy Jar really makes it easy to choose your nug and get a good pinch of it. That's one of the best things about the jar. You don't have to dump your weed in your hand to choose your nug.

Since the jar is clear you can easily see the quality of herb at hand.

Another plus is that each jar comes with a custom bag for extra discreet storage.

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