by Francesco
(Quartu Sant'elena)

i started painting arounds a year ago. it was part of a spiritual and creative evolution in my life. i've been using photography for 15 years but for a few years it felt like it wasnt the best way to express myself anymore.
i've never painted, or drawn, never did art schools. the voice in my head kept telling me "you never did this stuff. you dont know how to paint.." etc etc
part of my grow in the last few years was figurining out how human behaviour works. you know, ego, duality, all that stuff...
all the studies really got into me and inspired my works.

i've been studying some quantum physics, phylosphy, religion, and the holographic universe theory wich still now heavily influence my work; specially the series "Conduit closing. 0x07" and "The Lucfer Experiment: fire over mars before the eighth sphere"

i like abstract because it's the best style that gives the understanding of personal perception, wich is a crucial point in my researches

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