AK-47 in McDonalds

by Andy

There was a time me and two buddies of mine decided to get absolutely ripped and then go see Death at a Funeral. We picked up an O of some pretty good mids and about 2gs of AK-47.

Turns out movies aren't a good idea for us as we got incredibly bored and just wandered out of the theater to smoke blacks and get McDonalds. We drive over to this super fancy McDonalds and the first thing I do is run to the bathroom.

I remember it was almost a maze to get there, you had to walk past the counter and go through a TV area and down a hallway. A few times I forgot where I was and made mild scenes. Then when I ordered and got my drink I went to the fountain to fill up. There was another guy standing there and I wanted to keep it on the DL how high I was.

In my attempts to be inconspicuous I overflowed my cup, got the wrong sized lid about 3 times and instead of putting them back I tried to hide them in the napkins.

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