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Marijuana Monthly, Issue #002 -- Our first newsletter!
March 03, 2010

The evolving marijuana effects newsletter.

Thank you all for taking the time to become a part of Marijuana Monthly newsletter.

Our goal is to provide you with interesting and relevant content related to marijuana..

If you would like to contribute in submitting ideas please send them here... contribute here

Some stuff we might talk about...

Since we are the social effects of marijuana website we'd like to keep you informed on major marijuana related events in the news.

We want to be fun as well as educational.

It is easy to become misinformed about the true marijuana facts.

Did you know that there are now 15 states that have legalized medical marijuana, plus D.C.? Click here for more info.

Some upcoming developements.

We are currently working on adding a major section to our medical marijuana effects category.

Becoming aware and active in your local laws are the only steps that we can take to freeing Mary Jane.

Do you have any funny stories about marijuana?

We just built a page on our website where you can now create your own page at

Click to create your own here.

Please hang with us.

This is our second newsletter, and we are still brainstorming ideas on it's full concept.

Hope you stay tuned.

Thanks, From

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