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Marijuana Monthly, Special Edition Issue #004
October 19, 2011

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Dear Marijuana Monthly Readers, The Future Isn't Looking Bright For The Medical Cannabis Industry

On Oct. 7, the four U.S. attorneys for California said they were taking aim at large-scale growers and dispensary owners who profit from the medical marijuana trade. They also warned landlords that their property could be subject to forfeiture under federal drug laws.

The federal government has also launched a major new attack on medical cannabis patients and providers just last week.

The DOJ says medical cannabis patients’ cooperatives and collectives in California are illegal, and ordered them to close within forty five days. The DOJ also dusted off and old Bush-era tactic, sending letters threatening property owners who rent to medical cannabis tenants with prosecution and asset forfeiture. Most of California’s legal medical cannabis patients rely on cooperatives and collectives for safe access to the medicine they need to treat the symptoms of cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, and other serious conditions. Join tens of thousands of medical cannabis supporters nationwide in telling President Obama to stop the federal attack on safe access and to support a change in federal law!

Whether The Feder Gov't Likes It Or Not, America Has Thousands Of MMJ Patients Who Are In Desperate
Need Of Their Medication

MMJ patients are calling on you and your friends for help on taking action below.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is raiding cultivators and providers. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is threatening to prosecute property owners who rent to medical cannabis tenants – and to confiscate their property! The Internal Revenue Service is auditing patients’ associations, and under federal pressure, banks are denying services. Even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is trying to deny patients their Second Amendment rights.

Things look bad, but we know that grassroots power can make a difference. Lukily, Organizations like Americans For Safe Access are responding to the federal escalation with a campaign to put political pressure on the DOJ, reframe the public dialogue about medical cannabis, and fight back in court.

We are also gearing up to support local organizers who are fighting state and local efforts to roll back safe access in their communities. You can be a part of this campaign right now.

If We Want To Make The World A Better Place, We Gotta Take A Look At Ourself & Make a Change

That's right, you guessed it. That was a headline inspired by the real MJ ~ (Michael Jackson)

Every person has the ability to make an beneficial impact on society. Although, there is a big difference between people making an impact vs. people who aren't.

People who are making an impact on society are constantly taking voluntary action, every day.

They speak out publicly, they are in your face, and they contribute in anyway they can. They speak the information of what is right and what is wrong.

On the other hand, the people who aren't making an impact continue making up excuses for their lack of action, every day.

You can separate yourself below by using the easy to use checklist below.We need your voice now more than ever.

These tactics will truly make your voice count today!

Here Are Five Things Every Patient And Advocate
Can Do To Fight Back:

1) Call or Email your Representative in the US House of Representatives to support and cosponsor Barney Frank’s (D-MA) HR 1983. This bill will reschedule cannabis under federal law and protect patients and providers in states where medical cannabis is already legal.

2) Email President Obama and ask him to stop the federal attacks on medical cannabis. The President must live up to the promises he made of a more enlightened federal policy.

3) Sign The Petition Here to the White House to help show overwhelming public support for medical cannabis and opposition to the federal crackdown.

4) Speak up in the media. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, call into a radio or internet talk show, or post comments to stories online.

5) Organize or attend a peaceful protest against the federal crackdown in your community. If the President is visiting your hometown as part of his re-election campaign, consider timing your event to coincide with his visit.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more messages about how you can help stop the federal attack on safe access. We have stopped federal escalations before, and with your participation, we can do it again!

There is one more thing you can do to help today. Please make a direct contribution to TME simply by supporting our sponsors & browsing or buying a product from the shop.

If your feeling extra generous You can also direcly support ASA with a one time, or monthly re-occurring donation.

Together we can end the federal crackdown on medical marijuana.

Donations will help MMJ Organizations put political pressure on the DOJ, mount a proactive media campaign, and fight back in court.

Thank you for taking action,

We Greatly Appreciate Your Continued Support
And Hope You Visit Us Again Soon
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