15 minuit rap by 44D

by Zachary Henderson
(littleton colorado)

weed has helped me
need it be the free
will of my tounge
actions when I was young
to smoke herb
and whisper every word
to my psyche
yikes he, might be
in a stage of enlightenment
in which I resent
take out the filament
to his bright highdea

we're dicks full of quick tricks
tell him he doesn't like the feel of it
tell him itll kill his brain stem
stuck systems swirl till hells infern-O'
from chery buds spin and swind'ol
him into a new directions
fuck his objections
its better to be just one of them
another politician

original thoughts
clot and block
its not enough-and
to stop what we know
but let abuse to the people go
like its not a big deal
shit how does suppression feel
it starts so simple
it slips into the veins then into your temples
it takes complete control
till were like this shit is normal
unbelievable impressionist America
full of hysteria paranoia
police harasin ya
makes since ya?

ill smoke a whole bowl
and blowit in the face of a piggy
if he tryies to stop me
ill roll a fatty
while hes commin at me
im in good shape to run
im use to runnin from a stun gun
because I breath smoke just for fun
after I get my home work done
I still have a good pair of lungs
while this officer is choking on two hamburger buns
im stuned what we get away with freely
but marijuana is too damn scary
for you me him her my family your family neighbors's doggy
the entire society that already smokes weed
its funny cuz im seventeen
yes I smoke weed
I wrote this in less than 15 minuets
I own my own business
im still in high school
an eagle scout unbelievable?
nah that's just what weed will do

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